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If recruitment was simply about pushing paper; advertising jobs written by the employer, passing CVs drafted by potential candidates, it would be easy (and you wouldn’t need us), but getting it right take much more than that.

Our consultants understand your industry, which means that they can help identify the best possible candidates.

It’s easy enough to herd a bunch of candidates that  tick the right boxes in terms of qualifications and experience required, but what about the less tangible requirements that the successful candidate would need. That’s where our consultants come in!

In the engineering and technical sector there are jobs that require the employee to invent and innovate; to come up with new ideas and solution. There are the jobs that involve breaking these new solutions down, testing them and ensuring they work in the real world (where anything can, and often does, happen).Then there are the jobs that require the methodical implementation of a solution. These roles require a very different mind-set and as such very different employees.

It also very common in the engineering and technical sector to progress from engineer, to lead engineer, to project engineer, but that’s not always the best route. Just because someone is a great engineer, it doesn’t mean that will become a great manager, indeed many great project managers are not engineering experts at all, they just know enough to stop anyone pulling the wool over their eyes when expediting a project.

This means that they can not only identify the candidates who would fit your role but also those who would not.

Whether you are looking to find an individual, or a full project team, we have the knowledge, skills and experience to support your recruitment efforts.

We have a wide range of candidates ready for work at very short notice, on either a temporary or permanent basis to meet your onging needs.

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The Perfect Fit or the Perfect Prospect

Of course it’s not always possible to identify the perfect fit and our consultants can help identify those with the potential to grow into the role, again using our knowledge of the industry and the demands of the role.

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