What we do for our clients

Providing so much more than administrative support, we work with our clients every step of the way, adding value and ensuring you get the best possible candidates for your vacancy.

We’ll provide you with as much or as little help as you need, in order to complete the process efficiently and effectively.

Step 1:

The Job Description

Getting the job description right from the start is key.

It needs to define the minimum requirements of the role, but it also needs to sell the role to prospective candidates.

Step 2:

Initial CV Gathering

Using our own network and that of the national job boards, we gather the CVs of potential candidates who match the criteria defined above.

Step 3:

The First Cut

We then review each CV against the job description, taking note of both qualifications and experience, as well as reading between the lines to try and see what really makes each applicant tick and who could be worth taking to the next stage

Step 4:

Interview 1 – Internal

We take pride in getting to know potential candidates, and not simply completing a tick-box exercise, which is why we invite each potential candidate in for an interview.

Looking beyond the written word, we build on the information gathered above, examining the less tangible characteristics of each candidate and how their own goals and aspirations fit with your own.

Step 5:

The Second Cut

A decision is then made, based on the interview above, as to who we feel is worth offering a formal interview with your Organisation.

Step 6:

Interview 2

Prior to the interview we will provide you with a synopsis of each candidate, detailing their strengths and their weaknesses, so you can determine a potential line of questioning.

If necessary, we can also support you during the interview process. Helping to ensure each candidate is at ease and that the conversation flows, so you can learn everything you need to know about them.

Step 7:

The Third Cut

Once the interviews are complete, we will help review your findings.

Giving you our own take on the interviews themselves, as well as addressing any final thoughts or concerns you may have.(  based on our findings from steps 2 & 4 above.)

Step 8:

Negotiations & Award

Now that you have your potential candidate(s), you need to make your offer and get your new recruit(s) on board.

Whether you’re in need of our expertise and experience or simply need an extra set of hands, we can take care of as much or as little of the negotiation process as you need.

Step 9:

Preparation & Start

Your candidate(s) accept your offer and a start date is agreed, but you want your new recruit(s) to hit the ground running.

We can work with your new recruits to ensure they arrive on day one, ready for work and raring to get started.

Step 10:


Once a candidate has been placed, we will maintain contact with you and the candidate, just to ensure everything is running to plan and help iron out any teething problems, should they occur.

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